New Pattern Collaboration: Urban Lines

Urban Lines cardigan
Urban Lines

Here is my latest pattern, which I hope all of you will like. I did this in collaboration with Colinton Australia, and it has been a whole new experience for me as a designer. This truly was a collaboration, and a total pleasure for me to do. We had long conversations about working with the fiber, other designs we felt worked or didn’t work and why, as well as what we both felt would constitute a worthwhile knit for our customers. Our focus was to design a garment that would be versatile, flattering for lots of body shapes and sizes, and worth the purchase of her luxurious yarn.

In addition to flattering angles and drape, we did not want the project to require more than 6 skeins, and we wanted an innovative design. There are many beautiful lace designs in mohair, but we decided to head in the opposite direction to create clean lines and add a modern twist to a fiber that has traditionally been viewed as best lending itself to lace.

Back View
Back View


This is a piece you will want to wear all the time, with everything. It is a beautiful combination of being lightweight, yet warm, and I recommend you choose your favorite colors and not second guess yourself!


This project was an incredible learning process for me about mohair, and I will be sharing tips and tricks for working with it in upcoming posts. I did not realize until this design collaboration how different it is from wool, for example, and also that all mohair is not created the same. I hope you will enjoy the series I’m planning and that this design (which was many months in the making) inspires you!

I also owe a big thanks to Colinton Australia for supporting a new designer like myself. A year ago, she took my first design in her yarn to TNNA, and now features my work on her site. Both Unfurled and Urban Lines were featured at Vogue Knitting Live last month, and I am most grateful for the support!


5 thoughts on “New Pattern Collaboration: Urban Lines

  1. Wow Elizabeth! I am truly flattered by all your kind words. I look so forward to our next project working with Colinton Australia’s Ultrafine and Blue Heron Yarns Cotton Rayon Twist Lace. You are absolutely in for an amazing experience on how well these beautiful yarns work together! One designer said “a natural affinity” for one another.

    You are a great talent that should be nurtured and admired. I am thrilled to be a part of your journey.

    All my support,
    (founder, dyer, the ‘person behind the brand’ of Colinton Australia.)


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