Series: To-Do List for the Week

First of all, I would like to say this series is helping alot – the last list really helped me focus for the week and I’m happy to say I got almost everything on it done. So thanks for reading and keeping me on track! 🙂

Week of March 7 – 11:

  1. Get pattern tech edited and graded. (This is the first time I’ve ever had one of my patterns tech edited and graded. I love to learn as I go and push myself to figure things out, but this pattern has multiple color charts and Knitty requires you to have a pattern graded all the way from XS to 2x.)
  2. Submit pattern to Knitty once the tech editor returns it to me (This is a separate item because Knitty has a very specific format to follow and I will have to take my usual pattern layout and conform it to Knitty’s requirements.)
  3. Register and decide on classes for Vogue Knitting Live in Pasadena. (This will take a bit of configuring because my daughter has a campout that same weekend.)
  4. Sketch out ideas for a new collaboration I’m doing with Colinton Australia. (All my designs start with sketching, which comes in handy when I get about halfway through a project and start to lose focus. A visual of the original idea is the best help during a project!)
  5. Wind the yarn I just received from Colinton. (Separate item on the list because there are 8 skeins which will take more than just 5 minutes, even with a ballwinder and swift.)
  6. When sketching is done, begin knitting swatches to see if everything translates well from paper to yarn. Again, a separate item on the list because swatching includes washing and blocking. (Best way to get accurate gauge, which is a key element in writing good patterns.)

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