Please Share with Me and Updates for 2016

I have been contemplating updating my site and the blog for some time. Before I change it up too much though, I wanted to solicit input from all of you. I want my posts to be worth your time to read and the site to be worthy of your follows.

As many of you other bloggers probably have found, it can be very difficult coming up with new content. There are lots of things that don’t get posted, since as a designer, I spend lots of time knitting or crocheting things that end up getting frogged because my experiments didn’t quite pan out. I was thinking of organizing my posts into more series and redoing the categories to make it easier to find certain subjects.

But first, please leave me comments, let me know the types of posts you’ve enjoyed most in the past, anything you’d like to see in the future, what you find most helpful, what’s entertaining, or anything else you’d like to share with me. And as always, thank you for reading and thank you for your support!


Which Sticks Do You Prefer?

Vogue Knitting posted this fun fact: Knitting is almost twice as popular as golf in North America. While there are approximately 30 million golfers, there are about 50 million knitters.

The golfers in the world will have to forgive me, but why golf when you can knit? When you knit, you can see the fruits of your labor. I think this is why even when I should be doing other things, I don’t feel guilty for knitting. 🙂


I would like to share this website, not because this is my favorite yarn (in fact, I’ve never knitted with their yarns), but because their website itself is just so beautiful and well-designed. I can only hope their yarn is half as nice as their site. Enjoy a good browse!

In My Dreams…

…I would be going on this excursion. Don’t have the budget for this, but it looks incredible. I picked up the info about this at Vogue Knitting Live and have spent quite a bit of time browsing this amazing artist’s site. Knit a reef, knit a rainforest…I think next up should be knit a desert.

I Saw This Interview While It Was Happening…

…and tried very hard to not eavesdrop or be rude, even though I’d happily have sat and listened all afternoon to Kaffe Fassett talk more about his work and inspirations. 🙂 I also had a brief conversation with the interviewer, and she told me she was one of the few members of the press covering Vogue Knitting Live who was actually a knitter. It is kind of hard to imagine how you can intelligently cover something like knitting if you don’t actually do it (or how you can cover it and not be sucked into it!), but according to her, that was the case. Enjoy this review.

A Teaser…and a Special Quote

Apologies for not updating for awhile now, and apologies for a very short post today. But I would like you all to know I have not forgotten my blog or you, my readers, and my life has been full of both troubles I had to deal with, and also some very exciting creativity and experiences! As I mentioned before, photos are coming from the crocheted coral reef I visited, and since that time, I have done as much knitting as I could fit in to get ready for Vogue Knitting Live, which was this past weekend. Then of course, there was the big event itself: Vogue Knitting LIVE!! I was so very priveleged to spend two days either in classes and lectures with the masters of the fiber arts or shopping for my own fiber. Since I learned so much, and have so much to share, I will make separate posts for each class and experience, and I truly hope you will enjoy them as much as I did! I will also share my knitting and current inspirations.

First however, I am in desperate need of rest and recovery from all the craziness this past month, so I will leave you with the above teaser, as well as a quote that I heard straight out of Kaffe Fassett’s mouth in the lecture I attended: “I come from the school of design in which anything worth doing is worth overdoing.” Study his work, and think about this in your own, and see what you come up with. I’ll be back soon, I promise!