A Re-Knit – For Myself

I yarn-bombed my tree just for this post.🙂

I designed this quite some time ago, originally with Zen Yarn Garden, and so they have had it ever since as a sample for use in trunk shows. I always wanted to make one for myself, and so on and off all year, when I just wanted some “fun” knitting (as opposed to “work” knitting), I have been working on this re-knit, this time in yarn from my stash.

The black is from Knit One, Crochet Too, and the blue is from Sweet Georgia. I still absolutely love this pattern, and I could probably just knit versions of it in different colors for the rest of my life.

The fellow in the photos with me is our rescue dog, and he decided to join the photo shoot. I felt he was deserving, as he does very frequently keep me company when I’m working. He is such good company, I try to indulge him when possible.

It isn’t very often I re-knit things. Usually, once is enough and then I’m ready to move on. I am actually very proud of myself for designing something I want to make and re-make….and re-make….

If you have patterns you love to re-knit, tell me in the comments. I always think it’s great to have a few up my sleeve.


Color Palettes and an Answer

ElizabethKayBooth Unfurled
The project – Unfurled
My original color palette – available in my shop
A cool palette
A cool color palette – reminds me of mountains and mountain plants on a cool hiking day
This says fall to me
This says fall to me
And another set of fall colors
And another set of fall colors
I think of a garden - cool colors everywhere with pops of color in the flowers
I think of a garden – cool colors everywhere with pops of color in the flowers
The ocean has flowers, right? This palette feels oceanic, with a pop of yellow
The ocean has flowers, right? This palette feels oceanic, with a pop of yellow
Pure celebration of the brightest flowers
Pure celebration of the brightest flowers
Christmas flowers and cozy evenings
Christmas flowers and cozy evenings

I received an interesting question on my Etsy shop which gave me pause. I say interesting because I was surprised it even needed to be asked. When I buy things, I like to be clear about exactly what I’m getting for my money. When I wrote the descriptions for the items in my shop, I tried to be mindful that other people probably feel the same way!

Regardless, someone did private message me asking whether the kits include the yarn to make the project, or if it was just for a downloadable pattern. (They do!) I’m sure most designers wish they could charge $65 per pattern, but obviously, that’s insane. Anyway, the question made me wonder how many others might wonder the same thing and just not message me.

So here are the details, plus photos of each color palette that the colorist at Colinton Australia chose, and I hope it will clear up any confusion. All of this information is also detailed in my shop, but the way Etsy is set up, you do have to scroll down – which is perhaps why people may miss it?

Each kit includes: 6 skeins of Colinton Australia Light Fingering yarn (all you need to knit the project), in the palette you choose, and the printed pattern in a sheet protector. For shipping, I will wrap it all up in tissue paper and send it in a padded envelope, Priority Mail. And for the finer details, each skein is 115 yds, 50 grams of 100% pure Australian young goat fiber. These skeins are normally over $20 per skein, so at $65, the kits are a deal.

Finally, I am curious as to who has shopped on Etsy and had bad experiences? Have you ever spent a bunch of money and not received what you expected? I haven’t had any problems up to this point, but feel free to share in the comments. And please let me know if you visit my shop and anything else isn’t clear. Since most of us on there are doing everything on our own, a little feedback is always appreciated!

Louisa in Red

Finished Louisa by Cocoknits

There is nothing more fun for me than diving into a new project, and nothing more irksome than projects that drag on and on…and on. This sweater has been one of those irksome projects that I couldn’t seem to finish. Finally, I tore everything out, reknit the swatch to check my gauge, then re-casted on and forced myself to push forward.

I am not even sure why I had such a hard time with this project. I loved the yarn, loved the pattern and am now very happy with the results. I KNEW this pattern would look awesome in red, and I was right. I’ve already worn it to church, to a party, doing my everyday routine…

knit sweater
Standing view with assymetrical hem

I originally had problems with getting it started. The hem is assymetrical, and so each side requires a drawn-out series of short rows. I chose the pattern because I liked the hem, but the knitting of it proved to be less fun than expected. The construction with the neckline and sleeves is also interesting…to say the least.

finished knit
I was right it looks good in red – if I do say so myself!🙂

But sometimes a knitter’s got to do what a knitter’s got to do. I ended up not entirely following the pattern toward the end because it wasn’t making sense. After making it so far, I wasn’t about to give up when the finish line was in sight. I finished the way that best made sense to me, and I am very happy to finally be wearing it instead of trying not to send it dirty looks while it was taking up space on my coffee table. Red lipstick optional.


Happy Halloween!

halloween costumes 2016
Katniss Everdeen, a karate kid, and Cleopatra

As promised, a few costume photos – the above was snapped at the costume party Saturday night. Happy Halloween to all of you – hope you had a fun weekend and have a safe evening tonight!

Katniss Everdeen cowl
The DIY portion of my costume
Our hostess is a master decorator - people like this have such a gift!
Our hostess is a master decorator – people like this have such a gift!
Everyone needs a beer.🙂
Cupcakes to help you to the afterlife


via Daily Prompt: Rearrange

marbling with paint
An experimentation with paint swirls/marbling

I’m in the process of finishing up several major projects, and am in the mood to rearrange and start new things. I want my studio back in order, and fresh inspiration. Because of my Etsy shop, and because of this mood to rearrange, I have been taking time out to do some reading and surf blogs and Youtube with no particular goal in mind. I don’t do this very often, but when I do, I always find things that strike my fancy. I hope you enjoy browsing this list as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

  1. If you just feel like playing with paint and color, this is a great place to start. I did this with my kids for art, and the above photo is from this – I’d love to actually play around more and do a whole painting. However, it does take some experimenting as the colors will get muddy very easily.
  2. If you need a place to go and feel the vibe and soak up inspiration, may I present this little quilt shop which is now on my list of places I’d like to go.
  3. For the photographers among you, check out these mountain goat photos. They are black and white, but these photos are full of texture and line.
  4. I’m a Continental knitter, but I have a friend who knits with this flick technique, and I could sit and watch her knit for hours. I’d love to learn and make it look as beautiful as she does.
  5. This is gorgeous – feast your eyes.
  6. These shower puffs are perfect – better than what you buy at the store, and I’m thinking they would be quick to make and be such great little gifts to have on hand for the holidays.
  7. Along the DIY gift giving theme, here are more beautiful ideas.
  8. Travellers, this looks like such a burst of color and inspiration! Count me in.
  9. As I’ve mentioned before, I think it’s so important to learn to style, because when you put the time in to make things by hand, you want to be able to enjoy it for a long time to come. Great ideas here!
  10. This book may not be easy to come by in the US yet, but I want!



My son – transformed into a part of Star Wars

Transformation is not a word we normally associate with Halloween, but I realized that’s exactly why we love Halloween. For one evening, we get to transform ourselves into someone else.

My life has transformed quite a bit this last year. My kids are in a different school situation, which of course has become a whole new situation for me too. My life is filled with lots of new people and places and some days it is exhilarating and others just plain overwhelming.

I haven’t dressed up for Halloween since I was my daughter’s age, because it is so much work to come up with an IDEA for a costume, and then more work to actually put the thing together. We are invited to a costume party where adults have to dress up too, so no chickening out for me this year. And once I got into it, especially this year, I realized I love the idea of transforming into someone else.

Just for fun, or if you are looking for easy DIY ideas, check these out.

  1. Pinterest (for inspiration of course!
  2. Some kid and adult ideas
  3. Crochet ideas amongst some knitting
  4. And, a simple DIY video to help you transform your best LBD and boots, if you so choose. This almost became my costume, but I asked everyone to vote on Facebook, and another idea got the vote…

And the idea that won the vote this year – Katniss Everdeen. I have the shirt, the skinny jeans, the boots and the long hair for a true Katniss braid. Now back to the knitting so it’s done in time for me to transform. Photos to come as soon as it’s done!


Elizabeth Knits Barbara Swatches

A Treasury of Knitting Patterns – p. 11
Seed Stitch

Yarn Weight: Worsted
Needles: Size 6

Seed Stitch is such a great texture, and I’ve already used this in my designs quite a bit for edgings and borders. I ran out of the brown yarn, which is why it is topped off in aqua. Have to say, I like this color combo, and I love it when “happy little accidents” teach me something new!

A Treasury of Knitting Patterns – p. 11
Double Seed St (also known as Double Moss St)

Yarn Weight: super bulky
Needles: Size 13

I had a feeling this stitch pattern would look awesome in super chunky yarn, and I was right! It’s also reversible (both sides look the same), and if I didn’t live in Los Angeles, I’d love a sweater in this yarn with this texture.

A Treasury of Knitting Patterns – p. 12
Sand Stitch – Right Side
A Treasury of Knitting Patterns – p. 12 Sand Stitch – Wrong Side

Yarn Weight: DK
Needles: Size 6

Love this texture on both sides, and it would make a great alternative “background” if you want something with more visual interest than Stockinette. It does curl, so it is definitely not useful for a border or edging unless you are intentionally incorporating curl.