Controlled Chaos Shawl (new pattern release!)

It’s been awhile since I blogged, but I’ve been busy! I plan to make up for my absence with lots of new pattern releases before the end of the year, as well as more details about my design process.

The shawl pictured is called Controlled Chaos and you can buy the pattern on Ravelry if you’d like. This pattern was a real challenge for me as a designer, and I will share my entire process in an upcoming post. But for now, I’ll just say it was about 5 years from the initial sketch to the photos you see here, and I am dang proud of myself for seeing this one through! I almost gave up on it, but now that I worked out all the issues and have a well-written (if I do say so myself!) pattern in hand, I want to make so many more versions!

It features a few different slip stitch patterns, as well as good old garter stitch. While it is not the first of my slip stitch patterns to be released, it was the design that got me obsessed with designing slip stitch patterns.

This pattern is pure color play, and I have been told by my knitter friends who saw it in various stages, that they had not seen this shawl construction before. It is always my goal to find inspiration and translate that into original, and hopefully a little bit innovative, work so if this is one-of-a-kind, I take a little pride in that too!

Hope you all like it!


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