The Year of the Sheep

Since I am in habit of attending church, I’m pretty sure I qualify as being a religious person. However, I am by no means superstitious, and yet, my heart did a little song and dance when I saw this article posted on Facebook by Vogue Knitting. Aside from the fact it is the Year of the Sheep and Japan is making postage stamps for it, how COOL AND FUN is it that the series, when finished, will show a completed scarf?! (Just so you all know, I searched for where you can buy these, and I didn’t have luck finding anything, or I would have posted the link.)

I hope as you ring in 2015, your heart is singing and dancing also. Better yet, let the rest of you move in time with your heart! I wish you all the best in the year to come, and thank you for supporting me in 2014.

P.S. – to all my non-crafty friends, is there any better year to start?? 🙂


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