Countdown to Summer

I’m in the countdown for summer. My kids are finishing up their last few weeks of school, and I’m trying not to lose my mind before that first day of summer vacation. I’m not sure why this happens every year, but we always end up cramming too much into the very end. To be honest, I could do with a few less school activities and ALOT less burnout. But for whatever reason, every year ends with a full calendar, and I find myself “storing up” things to look forward to once summer hits.

Relaxing on a beach is always top of the list, of course (why live in LA if you don’t like the ocean?!), but summer also gives me time to weed out the house and hopefully have a little fun changing things up. I bought this book a few weeks ago, started reading it, and decided to give up until I have enough free time to actually enjoy it and think about how the projects included would apply to our living space. Kristin is a fun writer, and even though I didn’t make it far into her book yet, I could feel her joy in what she does. Her blog has the same upbeat vibe, and I’m counting down the days until I can revive my own creative spirit again.

My Closet In Sketches

As you all know, I’m a big proponent of drawing. I’m not a talented illustrator by any means, so I try to cut myself slack and focus on sketching design ideas as a record to refer to at a later date. I very rarely show people my drawings, as I don’t feel they’re very good, and most of the time, they’re not “finished”. So you can imagine how much admiration (and yes, a little jealousy) I have for someone who can whip out finished drawings at such a rate they can run an entire blog around them. Of course, I don’t draw every day, and the advice I received throughout art school was to do just that. I’m too busy knitting and crocheting every day, and am not currently in possession of enough free time to add another daily learning habit. But I hope people get as much enjoyment out of looking at the results of my knit and crochet habits as I get out of looking at someone else’s daily sketching. Enjoy!

A New Design Inspiration


My husband used to commute to Culver City, which is a horrible drive, traffic-wise, from Burbank. Instead of driving, I used to drive him to the metro station, where he’d hop a train for the rest of the way. Usually, by the time he was done with work and back off the train ready for me to pick him up, the sun was setting. I snapped this photo as inspiration for a design, which I’m very close to finishing. I love the way the poles all line up with the sky doing a beautiful color change.

I haven’t posted as much lately because I’ve been working nonstop, but this is a little teaser of my newest pattern, which I will publish as soon as I find the time to finish knitting it. It’s a scarf, which I was originally doing with stranded colorwork, but then decided to reknit using the shadow knitting technique I just learned. The stranded piece was coming out nicely, but I realized the concept was perfectly suited for shadow knitting. However, I am thinking of writing both versions of the pattern to release together. What do you think?

Tips from Debbie Macomber

People come in the shop all the time looking for a group to knit with. There are people who come in the shop to sit and knit, and we welcome this, but like most shops, we are there to sell yarn and teach people the craft. Finding just the right group of knitters to have regular meetings with is hard, for many reasons. Sometimes a group’s vibe just isn’t right for you, or as in my case, my schedule and responsibilities changed, and I just found it easier to knit at home when I am able. However, I do miss the group atmosphere, and I really enjoyed this post by Debbie Macomber. If you want to find your own little group, she gives great tips for starting your own! If you’re in the LA area, and decide to take her up on it, send me an invitation! :)

Julia Farwell Clay

As anyone who follows me knows, I love color. Before I’m drawn to anything else, I’m drawn to colors, and most of my absolute favorite designers revel in it too. After seeing her work in Pom Pom, I checked out her site, and found myself another color enthusiast. If you don’t mind some stranding in your knitting, check out her fun, colorful work!


I visited this blog to read the interview with Stephen West, and then found myself scrolling and reading more. Then I realized you can buy wool from her, listen to a podcast, and just generally envelop yourself in the world of making and fiber. Another talented knitter putting some beauty and inspiration out there for the rest of us. Enjoy!

Another Rabbit Hole

While browsing a bookstore last night (a favorite way of mine to take my mind off my worries), I came across a book that featured this site. I didn’t end up buying the book, but just the name ColourLovers told me it’s a site made just for the likes of me. I’m afraid it’s even more of a rabbit hole for me than Pinterest. Have fun!


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