Color On the Move Scarf

Color On the Move Scarf
Color On the Move Scarf
Closeup of shadow knitting

Just wanted to share my newest design, freshly published on Ravelry. It is always an exciting day when I finally push the publish button, but this design in particular went through what seems like an extra long process. Tomorrow, once I’ve enjoyed my little self-pat on the back for finally getting this finished, I will share it all with you. I hope you all like it, and if you haven’t tried shadow knitting before, I encourage you not to let it intimidate you! I had alot more fun with this project after I decided to do it in shadow knitting.

Franklin Habit and Shadow Knitting

Really nice guy, really great teacher!
Really nice guy, really great teacher!

I took two classes with Franklin Habit at Vogue Knitting Live, and I’d really love to take 200 more. Franklin is, first off, a really nice guy. I was a half hour late to my first class because I got utterly lost and was driving around Pasadena again and again, and missing the convention center each time. I really HATE being late – in general, I think it’s disrespectful to the teacher, and very poor manners. He was extremely gracious with me and got me up to speed in no time, for which I am most grateful. He has lots of stories to tell and a great sense of humor, both of which make for an entertaining class.

Second, he is extremely thorough. For this class on shadow knitting, he did tons of swatching to prepare his materials for class. He tried every variation of the technique he could think of, and therefore was a wealth of knowledge about what did and didn’t work. (Yes, again, the swatching theme…) I really appreciated how well-prepared he was to answer almost any question we threw at him.

Shadow knitting has fascinated me for awhile, and now thanks to this class, I understand how it works. It is the only kind of knitting that doesn’t reveal itself to you unless you’re looking at it in motion. And considering how I love Op Art, the whole optical illusion concept is exciting. I will not go into the technique here, as I am still practicing. Woolly Thoughts can take you much more in-depth, and before I parlay this into design work, I plan to knit through at least some of their tutorials myself. I hope you will enjoy my photos – all are of the same swatch, and you can get an idea, visually, of this type of knitting.

The knitting as it appears when laid flat.
The knitting as it appears when laid flat.
It helps to look at the back, laid flat, if you are struggling to figure out what you're supposed to see on the front.
It helps to look at the back, laid flat, if you are struggling to figure out what you’re supposed to see on the front.
The front reveals itself when in motion, and viewed from an angle.
The front reveals itself when in motion, and viewed from an angle.

Gifts to Make

I like to do a little holiday crafting for my closest loved ones. I learned the hard way to be selective so I don’t overwhelm myself and turn something that should be fun and loving into added holiday stress. I’ve moved away from seeing how many gifts I can crank out toward picking one or two stunning projects to give to the most special people in my life. But however you like to plan out your gifting, a word to the wise: START NOW!

Aside from the giving, the most fun part (in my opinion) is figuring out what to make! So for all of you who support me and read my blog, here is my little holiday gift to you! A list of the coolest patterns I’ve been bookmarking all year! I hope you enjoy browsing the list, and if you make any of these, please share your photos of the finished pieces because I would love to see!

  1. Being the art lover that I am, and Op Art being one of my favorite movements, this blanket speaks to me even though I don’t currently have anyone to make a baby blanket for! But I’m thinking it could also be a pretty awesome throw. Check out the pattern on Ravelry to see what other people came up with in color combos!
  2. This sweater is something a teenager with a forward fashion sense would enjoy. Big prints and images on sweaters and sweatshirts are very popular, so if you are looking for something for the hard-to-please teen category, this is definitely NOT grandma’s knitting!
  3. A classic go-to gift, fingerless mitts with a twist!
  4. Socks are so much work, but such a lovely gift for someone truly dear to you who is worth all the knitting time! For an extra-special pair for your extra-special someone, I recommend anything from Ravelry’s Tour De Sock, but I especially love Fields of Flowers.
  5. Technically, Minion things would be listed as children’s gifts, but I know plenty of adults who would enjoy having these too. Crocheted items usually work up quickly, so if you need a gift in a hurry, or a fun gag gift for a white elephant party, Minions are a fun option.
  6. I’ve never done Tunisian entrelac, so I have no idea how complicated (or not) this project would be, but it is so fantastic, I had to include it! Plus, I would love to learn how to do this, so I consider it a gift to myself AND the person who gets the FO. However, just given the size, I would recommend starting this gift this year in preparation for gifting next year.
  7. A tote is always useful! I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t have a use for this bag!
  8. Shawls are always a lovely gift, and this designer has a beautiful variety.
  9. And last, but not least, the classic holiday gift: a scarf. But not just any scarf – why do boring rib when you could explore the magic of illusion knitting?

I hope you enjoy the ideas I found. I tried to link to the original source of each pattern, but if you would like to see color ideas or projects other people have completed, these can all be looked up on Ravelry. Happy holiday gifting!