How Cashmere Is Made

Awhile ago, I did a post about why yarn is more expensive in a yarn store than in chain stores. There is so much hand work involved in handspun and hand-dyed yarn. Dyers who produce handpainted yarn literally do take the time to handpaint their skeins. I think of buying these sorts of yarns as my luxury in life, since I can’t afford to buy haute couture clothing.

This article about the process of making cashmere is closely related, and makes the price of cashmere much more understandable. I didn’t realize that the hairs aren’t even sheared – they are hand-combed. It also explains how to know when you’re buying good-quality cashmere (or not). As usual, you pay for what you get, but being educated helps you appreciate the luxuries you choose to indulge in and helps you avoid overspending on something that doesn’t measure up to true quality.