2016 TNNA San Diego


I debated on going to this TNNA because I had not signed up for classes and had no meetings scheduled. It is the first TNNA event I’ve gone to, and despite just getting my feet wet, I am very happy I went. I’m very grateful to all the yarn companies who took the time to talk to me, and also grateful to mingle with fellow designers. Every time I attend an industry event, I’m amazed at all the talent we’ve collected in one place, and also at how generous and willing we are to share with each other. I’m so proud and happy to be a part of it, and I always walk away feeling a new jolt of energy and inspiration.



A few inspiration boards at the entrance. I am very happy to say I got to meet the crochet designer of that gorgeous blue dress, and am happy she is around the LA area and we can keep in touch. I enjoy being with other people farther along in their careers, as it inspires me to keep working and getting better.


Many thanks to Fairmount Fibers/Manos del Uruguay for letting me snap this photo. I have always known fair trade is a good thing, but never understood what it meant, specifically. This list of qualifications spells it out. (Apologies for the glass glare!)


A shot of the tradeshow floor. That display with the gorgeous maroon knit tee toward the left was the ArtYarns booth. I hope to work with them one day, as their yarns are truly gorgeous and top of the line.