Another Rabbit Hole

While browsing a bookstore last night (a favorite way of mine to take my mind off my worries), I came across a book that featured this site. I didn’t end up buying the book, but just the name ColourLovers told me it’s a site made just for the likes of me. I’m afraid it’s even more of a rabbit hole for me than Pinterest. Have fun!


New to Me

As I might have mentioned in prior posts, I have a hard time dealing with clutter. The main reason for this is because I really hate being wasteful. I don’t like getting rid of things that I still feel have life left in them, but I’m not one of those people who has constant inspiration for how to repurpose stuff. I walk into thrift stores and immediately feel overwhelmed. One of my best friends is an extremely talented artist who can take a toilet paper roll and make fine art out of it. I admire this trait very much, and so when I was at the library last week, I was intantly drawn to this book. And of course, I went to this artist’s blog and found way more goodies than can fit into a book. I don’t know if it will help me get rid of all my clutter, but I am inspired to keep trying to look at old items in a new way.

My First Love – Craftwise

Where knitting can have a negative connotation, crochet can end up receiving the same in double. I learned to crochet before I learned to knit, and I still love it. When my friend first taught me, I came straight home, put my kids to bed, and sat up until 3 am practicing so I wouldn’t forget how to do it before I saw her again!

It is often alot easier to find knitting patterns that inspire me, but every once in awhile, I find a crochet treasure trove. This is a shame, as both crafts are equally satisfying and are art forms in their own right. Props to this site for having some great crochet and free patterns!