Did you know there is a wine called marsala? My husband and I love a glass of wine with our dinner (the European in us?), and every time we shop to replenish our cabinet, we usually buy a few bottles we’ve never tried before. But despite the huge variety we’ve tried, I had never heard of marsala until this morning, when my Facebook told me Pantone has announced their 2015 Color of the Year. Of course I had to immediately read about it because I like knowing these things and I’m always curious to see why they chose a particular color. After reading their description of marsala, I am certainly going to be on the lookout for a bottle to try with our next homecooked meal.

Be sure to scroll down to see all of Pantone’s ideas for gorgeous color pairing. While not necessarily helpful for figuring out what to eat with your bottle of wine, they will certainly spark ideas of how to pair up yarn colors! I’m very excited about this color in terms of crafting because I think it is much more flattering to wear than 2014’s Radiant Orchid is.


And the 2012 Color of the Year Is…

Tangerine Tango.

What a happy, fun color! I love how Pantone has been branching out into different industries. They have a long-standing relationship with the graphic design/printing industries, and I used to always pore through Pantone books when I was working as a graphic designer. Specifying a Pantone color was the surest way to know that what you intended is what came back from the printer. But now that I am pursuing design in a different industry, I am happy to find that my good old standby still inspires me.

To you non-graphic designers, I do offer one word of warning: a Pantone book is a serious investment. Be sure you will really use it before you buy one.