I have been noticing a trend of sorts. Last year during the yarn crawl, our shop got specially dyed Ancient Arts Fibre yarns, one of which was speckled. I have yet to knit with it, and to be honest, I bought it for the novelty. I hadn’t seen that yarn before, and this particular grouping was special because the company dyed exclusive colors for our shop, and yes, I’m a sucker for that sort of thing.

But then a few weeks ago, I went to a yarn shop for the first time in months and noticed pretty much every company they carried had speckled yarns of some sort. Then, to top it off, when I went to the grocery store later in the week, the Martha Stewart Living March issue jumped off the shelf at me (visually speaking, of course!). I don’t usually buy these sorts of magazines, as all the yarn-related publications are already more than I have time to read. I bought this one because I couldn’t resist the cover and all the crafty ways to speckle up your life inside. Totally unrelated to yarn, but I think it will be fun to do some Easter-y crafts with the kids, and visually, I find it inspiring.

I am curious if any of you have knit or crocheted with this type of yarn? I am very intrigued by how the colors will play out as opposed to how they look in the skein. I couldn’t resist snapping the photo above, and can’t wait to finish up some projects so I can play around with my new obsession. If you have already made something with this type of yarn, please feel free to share your favorite patterns and ideas with me. Have a lovely weekend!


Even though this is the week during the year we are supposed to focus on being grateful, I have to admit I haven’t particularly felt grateful this week. Both of my kids have had stomach flu, so I’ve pretty much spent the week helping them recover from that. There are other things this week stressing me out as well, and let’s be honest, life is full of stuff that just does not generate grateful, happy thoughts. Today, while we are all home recovering, I happened to be catching up on some of my yarn-y reading, aka Vogue Knitting, Interweave, etc., and came across a number of inspiring, charitable knitters and organizations that craft for people in need. Reading about these people who are going through way worse things than I ever have, and the kindness of those who are working to help them, made me feel much more grateful. My life is indeed good, even if a particular week is not. In celebration of Thanksgiving, and of cultivating gratitude year-round, here’s a list of people and/or companies who are doing good in the world. I hope you enjoy browsing this list and feel grateful and inspired to help also! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

  1. Debbie Macomber and World Vision’s Knit for Kids is perhaps the most well-known, but worthy of support nonetheless. Debbie seems like the patron saint of charitable knitters, and if you haven’t read her books, you should definitely relax a few hours after your turkey and enjoy one!
  2. More than 50% of the employees at Skeino are challenged. This is a group of people who are often overlooked, and Skeino aims to give them a place in society and a way to make a living. And they’re doing a good job – the Arabella Shawl is gorgeous!
  3. This generous soul gives free patterns and information on knitting chemo hats.
  4. Ancient Arts Fibre donates to a cause particularly close to my heart – helping stray animals. I have two rescue cats, and as any animal lover knows, for every two you take in and adopt, there are 200 more that still need help. Dog lovers, they donate to help stray dogs too. And I do think it’s just plain cool to dye yarn based on cats and dogs – who doesn’t want a skein of Meow or Woof Yarn?!
  5. Ten places that need crocheted items.