Summer Inspiration and Entertainment

I really love the start of summer. Three months in front of us that we can fill or not fill as we choose. During the school year, it is hard to immerse myself into projects because I have an hour here and an hour there, and in between have to run my kids to one activity or another. Summer days are so much more relaxed, and it is nice to have longer blocks of time when I can “lose” myself in a project. I have been catching up on emails, podcasts, and blogs and debating what projects I want to tackle this summer. I am still deciding, but in the meantime, here are a few links to inspire you, and even if you already have your summer projects laid out, to entertain you. Enjoy!

To listen to while you work: Talks for the Fiber Lover

One of those lovely projects that isn’t hard, but looks impressive: Make A Statement

And to shop, get inspiration or summery DIY home ideas: Kailo Chic

#yarnlovechallenge – Friends, Family, and Fiber

Read on for Days 11 – 18
Day 11 – Travel Projects. I love a good garter stitch shawl or cowl when travelling.
Day 12 – Progress. I know I’ve made progress when it’s time to get all Project Runway and pin pieces on the mannequin to ready it for seaming!
Day 13 – Selfie. One of my first ever selfies – I was still learning how to take them. This was when we went up to the mountains to let the kids experience snow.
Day 14 – Yarn Love. Doesn’t this photo just say it all?! Taken when my Boo was only a few weeks old – I had to take her with me to work because I was still bottle-feeding her every few hours. I put a THICK stack of paper towels under her before snapping this photo, just to make sure nothing “wet” would happen to the yarn.
Day 15 – Family. This was taken 5 or 6 years ago when my kids were dressed up for Halloween.
Day 16 – Happy Color. I mean, just look at it! Happy color indeed. 🙂
Day 17 – Fiber Friends. Here is my best fiber friend, still a kitten, hiding in my project bag. She is still my bestie when I’m doing some late-night crafting.
Day 18 – Gratitude. I am grateful for Kaffe Fassett. I am grateful to have his books. I am grateful to have knit one of his patterns. I am grateful I had the floor space to deal with knitting one of his patterns. And I am VERY grateful that I never have to work with 20 balls of yarn attached all at once ever again. 🙂

#yarnlovechallenge – Where I Craft, Tools and Oldest Stash

A combination post to finally get me caught up – Days 8 – 10

#yarnlovechallenge Day 8 – Where I Craft – this seems to be a hard one for alot of people, based on the posts I’ve seen. The answer is – EVERYWHERE! This is the beauty of working with yarn – you can take it with you everywhere, do a few stitches, or a hundred…it truly is one of the most versatile things you can do!

I originally got into crafting by sewing. But after my son was born, I had to give it up. I didn’t have room for the setup – sewing table, place to cut patterns, all the fabric and sewing notions storage – and I also didn’t feel safe. My son was one of those children who could find pins in the carpet two seconds after I had just vacuumed! All that to say, it didn’t take me long when I started crocheting and knitting to realize they fit my current lifestyle much better.

So for this challenge, I will tell you a few of my FAVORITE places to work – my couch, my favorite little coffee shops, at the ocean, and in the mountains. Check my Instagram to see more photos of my favorite places, but here’s one of my favorite photos taken at the beach last year right before Easter. It was too cold to play in the water, but the kids and I spent the afternoon in Malibu and actually watched the sun go below the horizon.

#yarnlovechallenge Day 8 – Where I Craft – well, one of the places. My FAVORITE place! 
barbara walker stitch patterns
#yarnlovechallenge Day 9 – Tools – My set of Barbara Walker stitch pattern volumes

As a designer, this set of books is truly indispensable!

#yarnlovechallenge Day 10 – oldest stash

This is the FIRST photo of yarn I ever posted on this blog. I think it is also one of the first purchases in a yarn store I ever made. Manos del Uruguay Maxima – still one of my favorites!

#yarnlovechallenge – Community, Mistakes and Stripes

Since I’m starting a wee bit late, I will combine a few days.

If you are doing #yarnlovechallenge, please tag me! Enjoy!

Day 5 - Community - apologies for the glare, but I love this list of fair trade principles that Manos del Uruguay had posted at one of the TNNA shows I attended
Day 5 – Community – apologies for the glare, but I love this list of fair trade principles that Manos del Uruguay had posted at one of the TNNA shows I attended. Our community is a caring one, which I feel privileged to be a part of!
Day 6 – Mistakes. Its important to allow yourself to make mistakes, and dishcloths are great for practicing new things and making mistakes, because even if they turn out horribly, you can still use them.
Day 7 – Stripes – Still a favorite out of all my designs. I love gradations, especially playing around with them in stripes.

In fact, I love stripes so much (and this project), I just recently reknit it!

If you missed my first post, here are Days 1-4. Until tomorrow, my friends…


Since I’m starting a wee bit late, I will combine a few days.

I’ve been seeing #yarnlovechallenge everywhere, and I finally took time today to figure out what it is. Admittedly, I’ve also been so busy the last while, that I feel very frazzled and not in a particularly creative state of mind, so I love the idea of doing a challenge with something to focus on each day. My apologies for starting a few days late and condensing a few days, but I hope you all will enjoy my contributions to the hashtag! Please tag me if you’re participating because I’d love to see your posts, and who doesn’t want to look at beautiful yarn and find cool new projects?! Stitches West is at the end of this month, and it won’t hurt any of us to start making a shopping list…;)

Yes, I saved the best for last. Steven and Stephen.
Day 1 – Introductions: Who am I? Why, the lucky lady between Steven and Stephen, that’s who! And if you need another little detail, I am a knitwear designer too and #yarnlove is my jam! 🙂
Closeup of the Bubbles
Day 2 – Closeup of the Camino Bubbles – major yarn love here, not to mention project love to boot!

Day 3 – Currently Making – 

Well, in all honesty, I haven’t started this just yet – I have the yarn, and as soon as I can sit down to some knitting time, this is what I WANT to be making!

Day 4 – Speed. Doubles Remix – this is a free pattern from yours truly – check my patterns page!

But I swear this is not shameless self-promo – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cowl – the color, the yarn (Malabrigo Rasta) and the fact you can make it in a few hours or a day, depending on your personal knitting speed.

I will be back shortly with more on this challenge, and please tag me if you’re doing it because these things are always more fun with company! 🙂


via Daily Prompt: Rearrange

marbling with paint
An experimentation with paint swirls/marbling

I’m in the process of finishing up several major projects, and am in the mood to rearrange and start new things. I want my studio back in order, and fresh inspiration. Because of my Etsy shop, and because of this mood to rearrange, I have been taking time out to do some reading and surf blogs and Youtube with no particular goal in mind. I don’t do this very often, but when I do, I always find things that strike my fancy. I hope you enjoy browsing this list as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

  1. If you just feel like playing with paint and color, this is a great place to start. I did this with my kids for art, and the above photo is from this – I’d love to actually play around more and do a whole painting. However, it does take some experimenting as the colors will get muddy very easily.
  2. If you need a place to go and feel the vibe and soak up inspiration, may I present this little quilt shop which is now on my list of places I’d like to go.
  3. For the photographers among you, check out these mountain goat photos. They are black and white, but these photos are full of texture and line.
  4. I’m a Continental knitter, but I have a friend who knits with this flick technique, and I could sit and watch her knit for hours. I’d love to learn and make it look as beautiful as she does.
  5. This is gorgeous – feast your eyes.
  6. These shower puffs are perfect – better than what you buy at the store, and I’m thinking they would be quick to make and be such great little gifts to have on hand for the holidays.
  7. Along the DIY gift giving theme, here are more beautiful ideas.
  8. Travellers, this looks like such a burst of color and inspiration! Count me in.
  9. As I’ve mentioned before, I think it’s so important to learn to style, because when you put the time in to make things by hand, you want to be able to enjoy it for a long time to come. Great ideas here!
  10. This book may not be easy to come by in the US yet, but I want!


Math Creations That Say Op Art to Me

Ever since I opened my Etsy shop, I’ve gotten obsessed with researching other possibilities for it. And I have to say, I LOVE reading other people’s blogs and seeing projects and getting to know the community more.

I will share other links soon, but I thought these math creations deserved a post all unto themselves. I really love every single project posted here, and the math side of it is fascinating. The fact that Op art is one of my absolute favorite movements, and so many of these pieces look like knitted Op art projects is just simply the cherry on top. Enjoy!

By the way, just a fun little family fact – my husband can solve the Rubik’s cube in a minute or somewhere thereabouts. He taught himself, and says it is all about the math patterns too. 🙂