A Bonus for Charity Knitting

As any of my regular readers know, my charity crafting of choice is for Alice’s Embrace, because I have a personal connection to the cause. But this month, there is a little extra reward for getting current projects done and mailed in:


I thought I’d share since I just finished these two blankets, and if you need a little extra boost to get some things finished and mailed in to them, this is the perfect time. The contest ends June 30.


4 thoughts on “A Bonus for Charity Knitting

    1. http://www.alicesembrace.org is the site if you want to take a closer look, but in a nutshell, it is a charity that donates lap blankets to patients with Alzheimers. The founder’s mom died of Alzheimers, and the idea is to provide something comforting to patients. They have a whole bunch of free patterns on their site for knit and crochet, and a pretty wide list of yarns you can use also.


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