FO: KAL Blanket + A Peek of New Project

Alice's Embrace blanket

Thank you all for your support of Alice’s Embrace. When I started this KAL/CAL, I received lovely messages and encouragement, so thank you! It was much appreciated. I am going to do this as an ongoing thing – I always need to have a project going for when I want to relax and not do the work of designing.

You are still welcome at any time to jump in and knit or crochet shawls and blankets with me. If you do, please stay in touch, and post photos in my Ravelry group or on Facebook so we can cheer each other on.

Sing the Song Blanket
Completed Sing the Song blanket

I really love the patterns and they work up very quickly, as they are all done on size 13 needles and use chunky weight machine-washable yarn.

And on to the next project…

Faith prayer shawl
Faith Prayer shawl

Please keep in touch if you’re making along.
Twitter: @elizabethkbooth
Instagram: @elizabethkaybooth



13 thoughts on “FO: KAL Blanket + A Peek of New Project

      1. I usually knit the prayer shawls. I have never heard of Alice’s Embrace. I just make them, always try have one on hand and give them to someone I hear is having a rough time with health or whatever. I actually don’t even know how many or who I have all given them to!

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        1. That’s a really great idea! Alice’s Embrace is a charity that collects them, and then donates them to Alzheimer’s patients, and I am making these in honor of someone dear I just lost a few months ago to Alzheimer’s. But I love the idea of just having some on hand to give out like that. 🙂

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          1. I started doing that about 5 years ago. Right now I need to get going on another one! Where did you get the pattern for the one pictured on the post? Love that one. Mine are just the real simple knit 3 purl 3….and using homespun yarn.
            Love the Alzheimers idea. My husbands grandpa had that and I am sure his elderly dad is headed that way.


            1. I know. That is the most painful part, in my opinion. My dad died very suddenly a number of years ago, and to be honest, even though it was a shock, and so painful, I realized after I grieved for awhile that it was actually easier than losing someone long and slow… although there really is never a good or easy way to lose a loved one.

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  1. Hi Elizabeth! Your Sing The Song is gorgeous! I can’t wait to receive it. I know it will be loved very soon. And, Faith is knitting up beautifully. I love that one… the triangle shape is quite pretty and, of course, I love the pattern’s story. I was so lucky to have Alice as my mom. She was be very happy seeing all of the people who are getting a little extra warmth and comfort when they need it most. Thanks again and again!


    1. You’re so welcome! I think this is a beautiful way to honor your mom, and also a beautiful way for me to honor my loved ones too. And yes, I really love the Faith pattern – it is really beautiful.


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