Louisa in Red

Finished Louisa by Cocoknits

There is nothing more fun for me than diving into a new project, and nothing more irksome than projects that drag on and on…and on. This sweater has been one of those irksome projects that I couldn’t seem to finish. Finally, I tore everything out, reknit the swatch to check my gauge, then re-casted on and forced myself to push forward.

I am not even sure why I had such a hard time with this project. I loved the yarn, loved the pattern and am now very happy with the results. I KNEW this pattern would look awesome in red, and I was right. I’ve already worn it to church, to a party, doing my everyday routine…

knit sweater
Standing view with assymetrical hem

I originally had problems with getting it started. The hem is assymetrical, and so each side requires a drawn-out series of short rows. I chose the pattern because I liked the hem, but the knitting of it proved to be less fun than expected. The construction with the neckline and sleeves is also interesting…to say the least.

finished knit
I was right it looks good in red – if I do say so myself! 🙂

But sometimes a knitter’s got to do what a knitter’s got to do. I ended up not entirely following the pattern toward the end because it wasn’t making sense. After making it so far, I wasn’t about to give up when the finish line was in sight. I finished the way that best made sense to me, and I am very happy to finally be wearing it instead of trying not to send it dirty looks while it was taking up space on my coffee table. Red lipstick optional.



5 thoughts on “Louisa in Red

  1. PaperPuff

    The lipstick looks good though! I really like this sweater. The scoop neck is really great, as is the asymmetrical shape at the side. The colour really suits!

      1. PaperPuff

        Good idea. Whilst it is still fresh in your mind is the ideal time, right? It does look great and a very useful item of clothing!

  2. That is a beautiful sweater! I also love the lipstick :). Good choice.
    I have never tried to knit something for me to wear. I think I am just a little spooked to give it a try. I am afraid I would start it and yes….it would lay on the table with me giving it dirty looks. LOL

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