Descanso Gardens: Woven

Woven Exhibit at Descanso Gardens
Part of the Woven Exhibit at Descanso Gardens

As far as I’m concerned, a day doesn’t get much better than going to a fiber art exhibit set in a gallery surrounded by gardens you can walk through at leisure. Unfortunately, they’ve already changed the exhibit, and we only got to see it right before it closed, but the gardens are open year-round. I’d recommend them to any of my LA people who need fresh inspiration. Here are photos and names ofΒ the artists featured which I hope you’ll all enjoy!

Bound by Thinh Nguyen
Closeup of Bound
And another closeup – if you’re wondering, these balls were all loose on the floor. I had to be careful not to move any while photographing.
I had to take about 100 photos to capture this koi venturing out from the lily pads, but I got the shot! πŸ™‚
The Enchanted Forest is not just any forest…those are California redwoods! My absolute favorite part of Descanso.
Descanso Gardens are well-named. Descansar means “to rest” in Spanish, and it is a very restful place.
Untitled by Echiko Ohira – the most artful use of tea bags I’ve ever seen.
My son admiring the vertical garden just outside the gallery
Xylem 3 by Kristin Leachman
Bouquet for Columbine #2 by Dinh Q. Le – my favorite piece out of the entire exhibit
Closeup – this is basically magazine photos of flowers in different widths that were woven together to create the visual effect.
woven exhibit at descanso gardens
Parachutes by Dinh Q. Le – another piece with the same techniques as above
descanso gardens
Domestic Flow by Meriel Stern – but if it was me, I’d have named it something oceanic because it looks like crocheted seashells to me. πŸ™‚

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