Reflections of Summer

I imagine if you have kids, they are all back to school, or perhaps you attend school yourself. My kids started school this week, which is later than most of my friends and family in other parts of the country. It is hard to believe summer is over already, although admittedly, this one went particularly fast for me. It started with my trip to Washington, DC for TNNA and ended with another trip back east to spend time with family, and of course, the mad rush to prepare for school that always comes in August. If you are like me, and always feel a little sad when summer is over, I suggest doing what I just did and downloading everything from your phone and enjoying the memories. Here are my highlights:

Boo On Legos
Have to take time to clean and sort the kids’ rooms. We sorted my son’s Legos, and only a cat would find it comfortable to lay on a pile of Legos! More proof that my Boo is special. 🙂
Ronald Reagan Airport
I snapped this photo in Ronald Reagan airport on my way back to Los Angeles (from TNNA). I thought this was one of the most beautiful airports I’ve ever been in.
Downtown Pittsburgh, as seen from the Heinz Hall garden before a Pittsburgh Symphony concert. Wine and the company of my longest, dearest friend optional. 🙂
Time with my extended family is always too short. I adore my nieces, and I wish they weren’t a whole year older every time I see them! Unfortunately, one of them is not in this photo, but take it from me, she is equally adorable!
PIttsburgh is as beautiful as California, but in a totally different way. I had to take a photo of this creek because we don’t have creeks in California and this looks just like the one that flowed behind the house where I grew up.
This, my friends, is a Pittsburgh thing. To my knowledge, you can’t find it anywhere else, and so whenever we are in Pittsburgh, we drink quite a few more than just one! 😉
Perfect summer day
This captures a perfect summer day at home. Although when my husband and I join the kids in the pool, it’s usually with a glass of wine in hand.

Cheers to summer – I hope yours was happy and full of all your favorite things too – even if it went by way too fast!


2 thoughts on “Reflections of Summer

  1. This looks like a great summer, complete with a trip back east. I laughed when I saw your cat reclining on the Legos while you were doing a clean-out. When my kids were home, it seemed like we did that cleaning out job ALL the time. Here’s to a cooler, SoCal, autumn!

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    1. Yes, I know, I never feel like it’s done either. But once school starts, it gets hard to find the time for things like dealing with Legos! lol But yes, it does seem like SoCal is alot cooler this September, which is awesome if you ask me! 🙂


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