A Fashion Show!


I have exciting news to share with you all, which I hope will make up for the fact that it’s been awhile since my last post. I apologize for that, although as you will see, I have been VERY busy!

I am excited to tell you that Colinton Australia is placing my work in the upcoming TNNA fashion show (held in Washington, D.C. next month). This is exciting for both of us as it shows all three of the designs I’ve done with them, and also features all three of the Colinton Australia yarn bases.

Unfurled is done in their Light Fingering, Urban Lines was done in Lace, and Sheba (my latest, and as yet, unpublished design) is done in Ultrafine Lace. All three garments are made to show off the mohair while still being modern pieces – no lace patterns here. I love lace, by the way, but since mohair has been so traditionally linked with lace, I wanted to design things that would make people view it from a different perspective.

In preparation for this fashion show, I re-knit Urban Lines in a different color scheme (photos coming soon!), and of course, designed and knit Sheba from scratch. There is also behind-the-scenes work, such as writing the text that will be read when the garments come down the runway. As you can see, I was busy creating in the time I haven’t been posting!

I hope you enjoy this little preview of my latest design, Sheba, which I will be publishing shortly. I will do a separate blog post for it to give you all the details and more photos. Many thanks, as always, for reading, taking interest in my work, and sharing these special moments with me!


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