Fancy Tiger Crafts Heirloom Throw – with Mods


I’m sure every crafter has a few patterns they love so much they’d make multiples. I don’t find those patterns very often – usually, by the time I’ve made a project, I’m tired of it and ready for something different. This is the first time I’ve made this throw, but I am already planning to make another. I can see myself knitting this many times before I’d ever get tired of it. It is a very simple and relaxing knit, and you can play around with your color choices, which I think is why it holds so much appeal for me.

Heirloom-Full-ShotFor this particular project, I also played around with the yarn weight. Instead of using what was in the pattern, I found a super chunky yarn in 6 neutral colors and modified the pattern to accomodate that so the end result would still be roughly the same size. I am listing the information below in case any of you would like to do the same.

2 balls each of 6 colors of Loops & Threads Cozy Wool
My Color Choices: Pewter, Barley, Stone, Mushroom, Fleece, and Granite

Size 13 circular needles

Follow the pattern as instructed, but when you have 69 sts on the needles, switch from Garter Increase St to Garter Chevron St. You should be pretty much out of the first color at this point.

Work each color in Garter Chevron St until you’re about out of it. Note that you have to finish both rows – color changes should only happen on right side rows.

Follow the instructions for decreasing – the only part of the pattern that is different in my version is that you don’t need to work as many rows because you didn’t have as many sts on the needles to start with.

Many thanks to Fancy Tiger Crafts for sharing such a beautiful design!


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