New Series: To-Do Lists and Goals

Here is the start of a new series which I hope you will enjoy. It has a two-fold purpose – it’s good for me to take the time to think about what I want to accomplish in a week and to set goals. Writing a weekly post will force me to take time out to do that. And for reader benefit, there were those of you who were interested in reading more about how a design comes to fruition – mainly, not just finished pieces, but also the mistakes and things I end up changing, the process, etc.

To start it off, my to-do list for this week:

  1. Finish a throw I’ve been working on since October.
  2. Complete the knitting on a jacket design I’ve been working on for a few years – collar, sew sleeves, finishing.
  3. Finish the pattern writing for the design.
  4. Research where I prefer to submit said jacket design for publication – Knitty or Interweave?
  5. Figure out styling for the design and take photos for the pattern and submission
  6. When I decide where to submit, prepare submission according to their specs.
  7. Sketch a few design ideas that have been in my head but need to get out on paper. (This should have already been done because ideas are fleeting things and shouldn’t be wasted!)
  8. Take photos for a few upcoming blog posts

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