Finished: Mohair Garter Stitch Shawl


I’ve been doing alot of knitting lately – the relaxing, garter and St st kind that goes well with bingeing on Netflix. I also realized when I was cleaning house that I had more than just a few, ahem, unfinished projects that were so close to completion it’s ridiculous they’re sitting around 5 rows away from being wearable.


Here is the first FO off the needles, done and ready to wear. I really love the shape of this one, as it is long and easy to wrap around almost like a scarf.


It was knit in Silk Mohair print doubled with a strand of sparkly silver tencel. Unfortunately, the pattern was designed by my former boss and not published anywhere, but here is a similar version which would also be beautiful in mohair and sparkles if you’re so inclined.



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