Holiday Trip for My Wish List

I was recently reading Piecework magazine and particularly enjoyed an article about the Sami people of Sweden. I will die a happy knitter if I am able to travel to the winter market one day and see the reindeer caravan up close and personal. The Jokkmokk Winter Market looks like every crafter’s dream with a winter wonderland surrounding it. Then there is the reindeer caravan itself, led by people wearing their traditional hand-knitted outerwear. Their traditional clothing is so bright and colorful, and perfect against the backdrop of white snow.

The author of the Piecework article mentioned there is not alot of information and material about this out there, but I had fun browsing what I found, and I hope you will too! The market is not open until February, but I had fun reading about it and browsing the photos while in the midst of my Christmas preparations.


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