Halloween Weekend 2015

Picachu and Ninja warrior
Pikachu and Ninja warrior

I love it when Halloween falls on a weekend evening. We had a weekend packed with Halloween activities, which means the kids got their fill of wearing their costumes. Los Angeles is a gorgeous place to live during October. Growing up, I remember having to accomodate for ways to stay warm while out trick-or-treating, but here the evening was just the right temperature to enjoy walking around outside.

Pikachu getting ready to trunk or treat
Pikachu getting ready to trunk or treat

Friday night was Trunk or Treat at the school. I love this event because the kids have lots of fun helping decorate the car trunk, and they can run around the school parking lot with all their friends collecting candy and I don’t have to worry about checking everything after.

Obi Wan and Ninja Warrior dueling it out
Obi Wan and Ninja Warrior dueling it out

Of course, we still went out Halloween night to trick or treat. The city of Burbank does a contest for the best decorated house, and some friends of friends were nominated and so we went to that neighborhood to trick or treat. My son’s best friend was Obi Wan, and my son was a ninja warrior. The two of them were more interested in playing with their respective costume toys than in candy, but that means more chocolate for me. πŸ™‚

Please share your Halloween fun with me! Hope everyone had as much fun as I did this weekend!



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