Yarnosphere 2015 (and a little “haul”)


I had a very packed weekend and therefore could only attend Yarnosphere on Sunday. I love these shows, especially with a friend, because I always walk away having learned something even if I didn’t take a class. They’re a great place to see yarn lines up close and personal and find new ones you may never have heard of. I have heard people complain about Yarnosphere being really small, compared to shows like Vogue Knitting or the Stitches shows. This is somewhat true, but I was pleasantly surprised to find some new lines at Yarnosphere I had never heard of before. All the big companies buy booths at the big shows, and I don’t recall seeing as many small indie dyers at Stitches last year. Yarnosphere had lots of indie dyers, many local to where I live, and I will definitely go again next year.

I did try very hard to control my shopping urges, but there were two yarn lines I’d never heard of before with colorways I simply couldn’t pass up.

Celestial Strings - Dark Matter
Celestial Strings – Dark Matter

Celestial Strings had great colorways, and I simply couldn’t walk away from the one called Dark Matter. She also dyes yarns that respond to black light, but unfortunately was sold out, or one of those skeins would have come home with me too. I haven’t yet decided what these skeins are going to be, but the wool is so soft, I’ll probably just enjoy petting them for awhile until inspiration strikes.

In the Deep Hue Sea
In the Deep Hue Sea

In the Deep Hue Sea is the other line that caught my attention all day. It has vivid colorways, all with oceanic names, and is done locally in Huntington Beach. I am wishing I would have also bought the one entitled People Are Strange, but I really was trying to control my shopping. But I think the fact I am still thinking of it three days later means I probably should have sprung for it. She told us she does lots of small batches, so if you see something you like, you really should go for it while it’s there. But she also does custom dyeing, and runs an Etsy shop. The two skeins you see above will make a very striking shawl or scarf I think. I just have to play and figure out the perfect design!


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