The Season of Fall

Fall has always been my favorite season. However, as much as I love Los Angeles, and I do, the city doesn’t have a fall season. There are no changing leaves, no cooler crisp weather, and no football season like I was used to in Ohio. I still feel in the mood for fall, and I would love to see the city get some installation art like this. It reminds me very much of walking down the street where I used to live in Pittsburgh when all the trees were brilliant colors.

And while I knit year-round, I do look forward to cooler weather when I can curl up on the couch and feel more cozy while doing it. Not that any knitter really needs anyone to tell them the benefits of knitting, but here is a list, just for fun.

Fall is also the time of year that all the fashion magazines put out the biggest issues. I am always excited to get my fall issues and always save them for a day I can curl up uninterrupted to browse and read at leisure. I look for inspiration for new projects and by the time I’m done, all my magazines have Post-Its stuck everywhere.

Wherever you live, whatever the weather is, I hope you are having a beautiful fall. Please share your inspirations with me!



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