A Chapter Ends

If you are wondering where I’ve been, the answer is, I’ve been taking some time to mourn the loss of something I really loved, which I am now losing, and trying to figure out how to properly acknowledge it here.

Anyone who has read my blog for much length of time knows how much I enjoyed working at the yarn shop, and how grateful I was to be part of it. It is closing in the next few weeks, although I already feel as though it’s gone, given how bare the shelves were the last time I was in. The owner, my boss, is an amazing lady, but even the most organized and efficient among us cannot be in five places at once. She is moving into a new career working for yarn companies and thus can’t continue running a shop too. I understand it, but it is a loss for all of us who loved it.

I always jokingly called it my happy place, but it really was. I didn’t spend nearly as much time there outside of my work hours as many of my coworkers or customers did, due to my other obligations, but I do feel the loss very much. I have many happy memories there, and I learned so much about the industry and of course, yarn itself. My current skill level in knitting and crocheting both is eons beyond where it was when I started working there. When I started designing, it was the first place outside of my family to support and encourage me. My boss was always there to bounce questions off of or to offer guidance.

The sign outside always said not to knit alone, and thanks to Unwind, I fully understand why. When you are in a place where people are supportive and always happy to share what they know, you grow and improve in ways you simply can’t when you are working on your own. It is hard to sum up all my memories or all the things I will miss into a few short paragraphs, but  a yarn shop truly is about the people. I think the most special parts of life are about the people you share it with, and I will miss all my personal interactions more than anything. Of course I made friends and will keep in touch with everyone the best I can, but I will miss the place that drew us all together.

I tried to write this post carefully so it was not too much of a downer, but I thought such a special part of my life deserved a proper mention and notice. Sometimes we do have to just stop and mourn something we loved before we move on. I will miss sitting in the shop getting inspired by the beautiful walls of yarn, taking a look at the latest store samples, and of course, working events with my coworkers and hearing customers’ stories. I am taking some time to feel the void before I hopefully find something equally fulfilling to fill it with. But I am a better knitter, crocheter, and designer because of my time at Unwind, and good friends are never to be taken for granted. So even though I am sad, I am also very grateful.


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