DIY Links to Brighten Up a Monday

After being laid up for 6 weeks, you can imagine how nice it is to be able to get back to normal. I started feeling very sluggish, and sitting on the couch watching things pile up to do around the house made me cringe, to say the least. I had the pleasure of celebrating Chilean independence day with my dear friend Friday night, then woke up Saturday morning and realized my son had a playdate here at the house the next day, and it was time to get things in order. I am in the frame of mind to freshen things up while I’m cleaning and have kept my eye open for inexpensive, yet rewarding ways to add fun details to our space. Have fun taking a look, and feel free to share your own with me!

  1. When in doubt, lots of clean white always makes a space feel fresh.
  2. The motherlode resource if you’re really ready to dive in!
  3. Somehow, this just makes a simple glass of icewater so much more appealing.
  4. Because all sprucing up, at least in my experience, involves some time spent organizing.
  5. Our cats are such an important part of our family, and this isn’t exactly DIY, but it made me smile, as I’m sure it will all cat owners.

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