End of Summer Entertainment

This is the last week before my kids go back to school. Usually, I’d be out shopping for school clothes and taking them to the beach since it’s over 100  degrees here everyday and a bit oppressive to do much else. This year I’ve been forced to occupy myself with more sedentary things since breaking my ankle. I’m not particularly proud to say that I’ve allowed my kids alot more TV and video game time than I usually do, but I decided to just relax for this week and reinstitute the usual rules come Monday. So while they busy, I am taking the time to reinvigorate my creative juices and do research for my newest set of designs. Broken ankle or not, I am truly ready to get back to routine, and work is sounding like an attractive reprieve at the moment.

I’ve watched a few interesting documentaries on Netflix – and I am NOT a documentary kind of person. Usually I prefer a James Bond film or a Jennifer Lopez romantic comedy to dry documentary material. But there were two I found especially entertaining and inspiring, and therefore worthy of sharing.

The first was Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s. Bergdorf’s is known for it’s window displays in New York, and there is plenty of inspiring imagery in this documentary related to those, as well as interviews with the artists who create them. Other highlights include designers discussing the impact being carried in Bergdorf’s has had on their businesses, and the history of the store and its owners. Although I can’t afford to shop in a place like Bergdorf’s, I do truly appreciate any company that tries to give up and coming artists and designers a chance with all the big players.

The other series I enjoyed is called Chef’s Table, which was another gem I was surprised to find, considering I’m not particularly a foodie. This series follows chefs who create art with their food and presentation. It traces their inspirations and influences, showing you their background, often with beautiful footage of their home country. They talk about all these things, so perhaps this is why I enjoyed it – you are listening to the person who does the creating instead of nonstop narration. And regardless of which industry you’re in, people who are passionate about what they do are also very inspiring.

When I’m not knitting, crocheting, and watching the above-mentioned TV, I’ve been reading. My favorite of all my recent library checkouts was a book about the Hungarian Gold Train called Love and Treasure by Ayelet Waldman. I have been researching Hungary for a new collection of designs I’m working on, and I realized how little I know about the country, despite the fact that one of my closest friends is Hungarian. I was interested in learning about more than just Transylvania and all the vampire mythology, although I do enjoy a good vampire movie as much as the next person. This book falls into the category of historical fiction, but according to the rest of my research, it accurately depicts the events and circumstances related to the Hungarian Gold Train. It is sad (although given what happened, how could it not be?!), but it was a well-written book I couldn’t put down once I started reading.

Although my kids return to school on Monday and I plan to get off the couch as much as possible, I do still have a few weeks left of limited mobility. If you have inspiring books or shows to recommend, I am open to and appreciative of suggestions! And I hope you enjoy my recommendations.


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