Summer Project: Stashbusting

Once you start knitting and crocheting, it doesn’t take long to build up a stash, both of yarn you haven’t started using yet, and scraps left over from finished projects. I tune it out for awhile, and then, when the mood hits and I find just the right project, I tackle it. Last week, I was in just such a mood, and found my perfect stashbusting project in Kristin Nicholas’ book. I wanted a project that would use up what I have around but also had a simple stitch pattern I could just power through. She says you can take years to knit up this project, and you can, but I was hoping to have it done by summer’s end, so I can have a cleared out yarn closet.

I’m enjoying this project so much, I may crochet another stashbuster and finally make myself the Wooleater, which has been sitting in my Ravelry queue for a long time. Both of these projects are especially good for stashbusting, because you don’t need specific amounts of any one color. You cann lay out all the yarn you’d like to use up, organize it by how you like the colors together, and get started.

What have you done to destash? Please share your favorites with me!


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