This is not the usual thing I write about, but sometimes things are just so cool, I allow myself to go a little off-topic. We have tons of Legos at our house. My son can build for hours with them, and I’m quite partial to them, as I prefer to see him building with Legos instead of watching TV or playing video games. I’ve always loved the look of traditional Legos – the primary colors and how they look stacked against each other. It always reminds me of Piet Mondrian’s paintings. Tim Gunn has been quoted many times saying that he used to be an avid Lego builder, and it stands to reason Legos are a great outlet for creative types. I came across this link to make edible Legos, which is something I’d love to make as a surprise for my son during the summer. And since this is a yarn-centered blog, if you absolutely must KNIT your Legos, here is a free pattern. Welcome to summer my friends!


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