Two Artists

It is unfortunate that when I was in art school, we did not spend much time studying current artists. Of course I love the classics, but Jackson Pollock was probably about as recent as we came. My friend and I spent Friday touring Expressionism in Germany and France: From Van Gogh to Kandinsky at LACMA and were talking about how sad it is that some of these talented and now-famous artists never lived to be valued in their own time. Van Gogh created a few thousand works, but only sold one in his lifetime. I certainly do believe in studying the classics, but I would like to show more support to current artists by visiting their gallery shows when possible, even if I can’t afford to buy their works. Here are two of my recently-found favorites, one of whom is local to California.

Mark Grotjahn – especially love his Butterfly series!

Damien Hirst – I love pop and op art, so I relate to his Spot series and also his Spin Paintings.


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