I’m Published!


I love being a part of Unwind and am so honored to design for the store for Yarn Crawl LA 2014. Many thanks to my boss for the kind writeup and for helping me get my name out there! Those of you around LA, please stop in the store that weekend!

Yarn crawling is truly fun and educational! I did it two years in row, and within a 4 day weekend, I learned so much about what makes a good yarn store, and what turns me off. (Little tip to every yarn store owner out there: the quickest way to make your customers LEAVE is to not put prices on anything! And I have yet to find even ONE knitter/crocheter who would disagree with me that it is obnoxious to have to go stand in line at the register every time you want to price a ball of yarn!!) It’s also a great way to see practically everything new, since all the stores pick and choose which yarns to carry. I always end the weekend feeling as though I’ve seen pretty much everything the yarn companies are offering at the time, and have lots of inspiration to carry me forward!


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