Gold with Figs

I’ve had this project finished for quite awhile, but kept forgetting to post photos. It was designed by my boss, owner of the most beautiful little yarn shop in Burbank (actually, the ONLY yarn shop in Burbank), and was so fun and easy to knit up, I’d like to make more in different colors. Minimal seaming (YES!) and very quick. I’m wearing it here with the dress I instantly thought of when I saw this yarn, but I’ve also worn it with dark jeans, a white tank top, and heels. It’s knit in Madelinetosh, which as I may have mentioned before, is just silk flowing through your fingers (even though this is merino!).  My only self-criticism is that I should have knit it tighter. It has stretched out more than I like and does not revert when I wash it.

The tree I’m reaching toward is a large white fig tree in our back yard. I’m not crazy about the taste of the raw fruit, but it is beautiful to look at the figs when they’re sliced in half. All light green on the outside, and pink and white on the inside. I want to take good closeups this summer when the fruit comes in, and when that happens (probably in August), I will share with you all for inspiration.


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