Mac and Me

Just want to share this link I found today with some great knitting patterns. I really love the chunky ribbed cowl. I love big chunky knits, and I think for my next project, I’d like to make a clothing or accessory item in a chunky yarn. So far, I haven’t made anything with big yarn except for blankets.  I am a little afraid to do it, as I’m afraid if I make a garment out of this kind of yarn, it will just end up looking chunky instead of all cozy and fashionable like in these photos. 🙂


Larry Crowne

I went to see Larry Crowne over the weekend with a dear friend. Great movie, but then, how can you go wrong with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts?! And one of the many reasons I love Julia Roberts is that she is an avid knitter.  Also, I drive past Frank’s Restaurant every day driving my husband to work. Yes, it’s here in Burbank, and yes, it serves French toast. Unfortunately, no, I have not had the pleasure of making Tom Hanks’ aquaintance.