I’m preparing to travel back east to see my family pretty soon. I’ve been stressing because the idea of going for a whole week with no knitting is simply unbearable. People have been telling me yes, you can take things on planes, don’t travel with metal knitting needles, etc. To put an end to the confusion, here is the TSA’s statement about such matters straight from their site.  Not my most creative post here, but sometimes the point is simply TO BE ABLE to create. I will sleep much better tonight. Happy knitting and happy traveling to anyone making summer plans!!


Apologies and Updates

So here it is, a ridiculously long time since my last post, and a horribly long time to respond to the comment my fellow knitter so kindly left me. We will keep it brief about where I’ve been because it all boils down to being miserable and sick with allergies and flu, and no one needs to suffer through a post about that!

But lest you think it’s been a month and a half since I did anything creative, not to fear. The things I get myself into…you would think that after cranking out about a million Christmas gifts and being completely and utterly exhausted by the time the holidays actually came, I would have learned my lesson. But…no.

I received a Knitpicks catalog in the mail about a month and a half before Easter and simply could not resist buying Chroma yarn. I think I was really afraid my life would end if I did not buy this yarn because it’s so beautiful! Around the same time, I was looking through Creative Knitting magazine, and I had one of those lightning bolt moments when one instantly knows she MUST knit a certain pattern with this one EXACT yarn. And so I  made the very insane commitment (at least it is for me, considering my knitting speed) to knit my daughter an Easter dress out of Chroma in Smoothie complete with a long-sleeve bolero jacket.

I knitted like a madwoman the entire month, took time off to go to bed on the days the flu felled me, and carried on as soon as I felt better. I realized one important thing however, when I was about halfway through the project. Chroma is merino wool. I live in Los Angeles. It could, and has been in recent years, 90 degrees on Easter. A wool dress with a wool jacket could be extremely hot if worn on such a day. You will be happy for me that yes, I did finish the whole thing (although there was not time to block it before she wore it on Easter Sunday) and yes, Easter this year was a cool day. But word to the wise: consider the fiber content and the time of year when matching projects to yarn. Then again, there are projects and matching fibers that instantly speak to your soul, and when you have such a moment, my advice is to seize the moment (and the yarn!).

Catherine’s Easter Smoothie Dress