My Favorite Knitwear Artists

Nothing gives me more excitement than finding a new designer to follow. Or learning about a well-established designer that I hadn’t heard of before! The best designers are the ones who constantly pursue creativity, and their dedication shows. They’re the ones you watch with anticipation to see what they will release next. Here is my personal list of favorites, but I would LOVE it if you share yours with me! I’m always on the lookout for someone else to follow. Enjoy!


Irina Shabayeva

Irina Shabayeva is a fashion designer whom most people probably know from Project Runway. She is a great fashion designer, but I love it when the fashion world takes a few minutes to appreciate the knitwear world. Knitters may remember her patterns being published in Vogue Knitting – her fabulous welted coat has been on my list to make for a very long time! The photo above is one of my first-ever knitting projects, made as a gift for a dear friend.

I have not yet knitted up a Galina Carroll design, but I think she is also an incredible artist with a good eye for fashion. When her autobiographical book was featured in Vogue Knitting, I ordered it and devoured it from cover to cover. She even wrote a very nice personal note to me when she shipped it.

Stephanie Steinhaus

Stephanie Steinhaus

Yes, this is my boss. However, she is also a designer who has an eye for things that will pop into your wardrobe and go with everything. I’ve knit alot of of her designs, and they always end up being go-to pieces that I end up throwing on at the last minute when I don’t know what else to wear. Plus, I have learned a great deal about writing patterns from her personally, but also just from working through her pattern instructions. I also appreciate her ability to create something practical with yarns that I might not even consider buying otherwise, such as this poncho I’m wearing above.

Lori Versaci

Lori Versaci

She caught my eye when this sweater pattern was published in Knitty. At the time this was published, I was just learning to knit, and this pattern seemed totally out of my league. It sat in my queue for a LONG time, but her design stayed in my head, and after I started feeling more confident, I knitted it. It is a complicated pattern, and I was very proud of myself when I finished it!

No list from a color fanatic like me would be complete without Kaffe Fassett! I did not realize until I started reading his biography that he is a local artist! He now lives in England, and it seems everyone thinks of him as English, but he was born and raised in California. He is a very long-established artist, but his knitwear in older books is still very striking and inspirational color-wise, even though many of the sweater silhouettes are now out of fashion. He is truly a master of color, as well as all different media. If there is one person in the universe who could make me want to abandon knitting and take up quilting, it would be him!

I’m very grateful to the friend who introduced me to Kieran Foley. I just finished knitting one of his designs for a friend’s birthday. She is celebrating a milestone birthday, so I wanted to do something extra special for her, and his Camino Bubbles fit the bill. It takes a special skill as a designer to design a pattern that looks way more sophisticated and complicated than it actually is to knit.

Stephen West

Stephen West

What can I say about Stephen West except that I love him! His patterns are some of the best written out there – very clear and easy to follow. I met him and had him sign books for me at an event our shop held a few years ago. He was extremely polite and so nice. And I am always amazed when he releases new patterns how creative he gets with just simple Stockinette and garter stitch. He is a designer who truly understands how to take the basic elements of design and turn them into something innovative! Even though I have a good eye for color and usually pick my own, I think it’s very generous of him to take the time to put together color palettes for other knitters when he releases designs. But then again, if you have the chance to meet him, I think you’ll agree it’s not surprising!

Crocheters, lest you think I’ve ignored you, no worries! I am saving my list of favorite crochet designers for a separate post!

My Weekend Reading

I love seeing Pantone’s forecasts for the new “it” colors! I love it even more when they juxtapose swatches with gorgeous sketches. Enjoy!

Worth the Time

It always makes my day when someone buys one of my patterns or follows my blog or other social media. Hopefully I’m not the only designer out there whose biggest fear is that no one will like her work. Whenever I release a new design, I always feel like I’m putting a little piece of myself out there, and I am incredibly grateful and relieved when people like it. I am also extremely honored when a fellow artist or designer follows me and deems me worthy of their time and attention. Recently, Sue Wong (among others) followed me on Twitter, and when I watched her intro video, I had to share it! Her beautiful clothes and talent as a designer are on full display, but for me, it was worth the time to watch it because she also shares her joy in being creative and tells her story, from her life as a poor immigrant and how she grew into her success of today. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

Back to Styling

Not too long ago, I posted about learning to style your knitwear. It has been on my mind to follow up that post with ideas and tips for my own patterns. To begin, I will start with the free chunky fringed scarf I posted last week.

People come in the shop all the time saying they always buy the same yarn colors and need “to break out of their rut”. And while I am all for constant experimentation and expanding my horizons, I have to say that I don’t like to see people feel ashamed of buying their favorite colors. When you crochet or knit with your favorites, you are guaranteed to end up with lots of pieces that work together that you will love year-round. Styling is all about being able to swap items in and out of different outfits. As you may have already figured out, I am very drawn to reds (although that could change). This scarf is now going to serve me well no matter what season it is (and if you’re wondering, yes, it was about 95 degrees the day I shot these photos, so the winter look is here just for your benefit!) Hope you enjoy!

My go-to look so much of the time! Printed tank top, denim shorts, metallic sandals and a hand-knit accessory!

My go-to look so much of the time! Printed tank top, denim shorts, metallic sandals and a hand-knit accessory! And a pedicure, of course!

Yes, that's my knitting bag! I often wear a plain tank top because I don't like to detract from the handknits, but in this case, I think the black and white print sets off the bright color well.

Yes, that’s my knitting bag! I often wear a plain tank top because I don’t like to detract from the handknits, but in this case, I think the black and white print sets off the bright color well.

I never get tired of a winter whites look. In Los Angeles, I can only wear this much warm about 1 month out of the year, but I always get compliments when I do a winter white look.

In Los Angeles, I can only wear this much warmth about 1 month out of the year, but I always get compliments when I do a winter white look.

Varying shades of cream with a shot of color is a simple way to look pulled together.

Varying shades of cream with a shot of color is a simple way to look pulled together.



As most of you probably know by now, I am a fashion girl. Not that I have much time to read, but when I do, if it’s not knitting magazines, it’s probably fashion blogs and magazines. The two are closely connected, but one thing I’ve noticed a great deal of in fashion and not so much in knitting, is styling. I’m not sure why that is, but considering how much time it takes to knit something, I’m surprised we don’t talk more about this. Styling is, in my opinion, way more important than following trends, and is the best thing to learn if you want to maximize your wardrobe! Learn to style, and you can take a whole bunch of basics and get way more mileage out of them instead of buying new stuff all the time! And since most of us knit things to keep for a long time, it is especially beneficial to knitters so they can get more use out of the items they spent so much time creating! I plan on keeping this in mind and will post more about this subject as I figure things out. But to get all my fellow knitters started, here is a tutorial on 25 ways to style a scarf, as demonstrated by Wendy!

Monday Morning Inspiration

Musetouch is supportive of artists and filled with visual inspiration! The highlight from their Facebook page is this photo of Christian Dior gowns circa 1949. Even though many people like to make fun of the absurdity of runway shows and the cost of couture, this photo is a perfect example of why I hope there will always be the world of couture. How beautiful can one make something if given endless resources? And almost 70 years later, here we are enjoying the work! Happy Monday friends!


Doing It Myself

Not that I am ever bored, but every now and again, I feel the need to reinvent myself. I look at everything in my closet and FEEL bored, and wonder if I can really claim to have a good personal style if I basically throw on the same 5 outfits every week and don’t put more effort into being creative with how I present myself. The truth is that for awhile, I spent myself into a hole constantly trying to update my look and to feel stylish. (And let’s be honest, fashion and style for women is really more about emotions than it is about the “capsule” idea of having certain pieces in your closet that always work. Women want to FEEL the image their clothes are presenting.) Long story short, I had to sacrifice alot to get out of debt, and going back in is not an option. Plus, it goes against my nature to be (and feel) so wasteful, and so being creative in my dress has become an exercise in creativity itself.

This is one of the many reasons I love, love LOVE it when fashion magazines have little features on “how to update your look with what is already in your closet.” Often, it is just a matter of pairing things together you never wore together before or making small tweaks to separates. It does not usually require Project Runway-sewing skills, or a fortune spent at a craft store (because then really, why not just buy the damn thing at Macy’s and save yourself the trouble?!). Anyone out there who knows EXACTLY what I’m saying should check out this site, which expands beautifully on this concept! And if you have ideas about this, please share!


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