Worth the Time

It always makes my day when someone buys one of my patterns or follows my blog or other social media. Hopefully I’m not the only designer out there whose biggest fear is that no one will like her work. Whenever I release a new design, I always feel like I’m putting a little piece of myself out there, and I am incredibly grateful and relieved when people like it. I am also extremely honored when a fellow artist or designer follows me and deems me worthy of their time and attention. Recently, Sue Wong (among others) followed me on Twitter, and when I watched her intro video, I had to share it! Her beautiful clothes and talent as a designer are on full display, but for me, it was worth the time to watch it because she also shares her joy in being creative and tells her story, from her life as a poor immigrant and how she grew into her success of today. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

Details with a Color Palette

If you are on Facebook, you should definitely follow Musetouch! They posted this beauty this morning:

Spanish Synagogue in Prague, ceiling, designed by Vojtěch Ignátz Ullmann, 1868, photo by John Galbo.

There are certain taboos in the design world – no yellow and black unless you want to look like a bumble bee. Too much orange and black and it’s Halloween. I have no idea how this architect managed to use so much red and green without it looking too Christmas-y, but I would love to design some knitwear with this color palette!



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