Happy 2016 With Happy 2015 Memories

I hope you all had a beautiful holiday season and that 2016 is going to be a great year for all of us! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, due to all the flurry of activity and finishing a huge project which I will share with you in a separate post. But before that, I wanted to share some of the highlights from our holidays and wish you all a great new year!


There’s alot going on in this photo that tells how the holidays start in our house. Notice my daughter keeps the Target toy catalog right next to her when doing homework. After Christmas lists are made, that catalog mysteriously disappears when she’s at school. Hmmm….


My daughter with her music teacher right before their Christmas concert. One of my favorite holiday treats is the music – and seeing my kids perform what they work on in school for the first semester.


You know a Star Wars fan like me wouldn’t make it through the season without going to see the new movie! In case any of you haven’t seen it, I won’t spoil anything – I’ll just say it was REALLY GOOD! :) My kids asked me to do my hair like Princess Leia – I didn’t want side buns, so I chose the Cloud City braids instead.


As mentioned, one of my favorite things to do at the holidays is listen to music I don’t listen to the rest of the year. This year, I took a dear friend and my daughter to see Handel’s Messiah at Walt Disney Concert Hall.


Disney hall has amazing architecture, and I couldn’t resist taking multiple shots!


Inside the hall before the oratorio began. This was very special to me, as Messiah was my father’s favorite Christmas music and this was the first time I’ve taken my daughter to the symphony.


Family photo taken in the church after Christmas Eve service. I treasure these photos and am always happy we make the time to take a few!


Christmas morning. Yes, I make the kids wait for me to take photos of them with their stockings. That’s my revenge for the fact that they woke me up at 4 am. :)


My coffee table with New Year’s Eve goodies. I’m particularly proud of this setup as it proves that I do indeed know how to clear the coffee table and use it for something besides knitting and WIP’s.

Veteran’s Day Week 2015 in Photos

Colinton Australia made a mohair believer out of me!

Colinton Australia made a mohair believer out of me!

I am working on an exciting new project with Colinton Australia. I made a shawl with her yarn a few years ago and am still loving the yarn as much now as I did the first time around. I am not generally a fan of working with mohair, but Colinton’s yarn is totally different from any other mohair I’ve ever worked with. It still has the loft you expect, but it is more substantial than a typical mohair strand and you don’t feel like there are fibers floating in your face when you work with it. She also dyes a huge, gorgeous selection of colors, and when we used to have a wall of it in the shop, I spent every quiet minute putting together possibilities in my head. I can’t wait to show you all more of the project we are collaborating on!

From a new favorite spot in La Crescenta

From a new favorite spot in La Crescenta

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, I’ve had many changes in my life this last year. Due to my daughter being involved with a new activity this year, I now have a few hours to explore the La Crescenta area of LA. As you can see, I already found the most important thing, which is a new favorite coffee shop. I love exploring new parts of the city anyway, but La Crescenta is already becoming a favorite of mine. It is only a 20 minute drive barring any crazy traffic, but I feel like I’m in a mountain town and it’s a nice change of pace. The other night, I enjoyed a nice mocha while I was working on the above-mentioned new project.

Berry blossom cake to go with my mocha

Berry blossom cake to go with my mocha

I had never heard of berry blossom cake, but now that I tried a generous slice, I would love to learn how to make it when I’m baking during the holidays. It has whole berries and is very light but still satisfies my sweet tooth. It’s beautiful to just look at, although as you can see, I did way more than just look. :)

Bath and Body Works' nod to fiber lovers

Bath and Body Works’ nod to fiber lovers

I’ve been noticing little nods to the fiber industry everywhere. In case you wonder, yes, I bought a bottle of Cashmere Mist from Donna Karan a long time ago, and love it whenever I wear it. Thus started my love of scents with fiber names. But then the other day, I noticed Bath and Body Works now makes an equally lovely scent called Cashmere Glow which I plan to put on my Christmas list. And yes, I’m attracted to the name, but I did try it, and it is heavenly and just my kind of scent. And much cheaper than Donna Karan’s luxury.

My Boo all curled up on me. Yes, I was knitting at the time.

My Boo all curled up on me. Yes, I was knitting at the time.

I had more than my fill of being at home stuck on the couch when I broke my ankle. But the weather has cooled off considerably, and I have to admit that a Sunday afternoon of knitting at home with a purring cat on my lap was most satisfying indeed.

Halloween Weekend 2015

Picachu and Ninja warrior

Pikachu and Ninja warrior

I love it when Halloween falls on a weekend evening. We had a weekend packed with Halloween activities, which means the kids got their fill of wearing their costumes. Los Angeles is a gorgeous place to live during October. Growing up, I remember having to accomodate for ways to stay warm while out trick-or-treating, but here the evening was just the right temperature to enjoy walking around outside.

Pikachu getting ready to trunk or treat

Pikachu getting ready to trunk or treat

Friday night was Trunk or Treat at the school. I love this event because the kids have lots of fun helping decorate the car trunk, and they can run around the school parking lot with all their friends collecting candy and I don’t have to worry about checking everything after.

Obi Wan and Ninja Warrior dueling it out

Obi Wan and Ninja Warrior dueling it out

Of course, we still went out Halloween night to trick or treat. The city of Burbank does a contest for the best decorated house, and some friends of friends were nominated and so we went to that neighborhood to trick or treat. My son’s best friend was Obi Wan, and my son was a ninja warrior. The two of them were more interested in playing with their respective costume toys than in candy, but that means more chocolate for me. :)

Please share your Halloween fun with me! Hope everyone had as much fun as I did this weekend!


DIY Links to Brighten Up a Monday

After being laid up for 6 weeks, you can imagine how nice it is to be able to get back to normal. I started feeling very sluggish, and sitting on the couch watching things pile up to do around the house made me cringe, to say the least. I had the pleasure of celebrating Chilean independence day with my dear friend Friday night, then woke up Saturday morning and realized my son had a playdate here at the house the next day, and it was time to get things in order. I am in the frame of mind to freshen things up while I’m cleaning and have kept my eye open for inexpensive, yet rewarding ways to add fun details to our space. Have fun taking a look, and feel free to share your own with me!

  1. When in doubt, lots of clean white always makes a space feel fresh.
  2. The motherlode resource if you’re really ready to dive in!
  3. Somehow, this just makes a simple glass of icewater so much more appealing.
  4. Because all sprucing up, at least in my experience, involves some time spent organizing.
  5. Our cats are such an important part of our family, and this isn’t exactly DIY, but it made me smile, as I’m sure it will all cat owners.

A Beautiful Marriage

There have been other brides who have crocheted their own wedding dresses, to beautiful effect, but I love this marriage of satin and purple crochet. This is such a beautiful example of combining crochet with a traditional dress, and when I saw this photo, I had to share. I also love her hair – check out the photo of the bride from behind! I have absolutely no reason to be interested in making a wedding dress at this point, but sometimes things are just so beautiful and noteworthy, they deserve a few moments of admiration anyway. Enjoy!

A Chevron Tunic Three Ways


With my gold wedge sandals and white jeans


Dressed up with a pencil skirt and pumps


My typical summer outfit – capris and flat sandals . And my knitting bag, of course!

I finished this tunic a few weeks ago, and plan to wear it with everything and everywhere. The yarn is the softest bamboo, and as you can see, the tunic is super comfortable and versatile! This is a rare instance in which I actually knit the project out of the yarn the pattern called for, and I am very happy I did.

My Personal Blank Canvas


I’m always surprised when people compliment me on putting together cool outfits. Thank you very much for the compliments friends, they are appreciated, but I feel, undeserved. I’ve loved fashion since I was 10 or 11. My dad bought me Teen magazine for a long road trip, and I devoured it cover to cover multiple times on the road, and promptly subscribed when I got home so I would never miss another issue. I still love fashion magazines, subscribe to way more than I should, and read them regularly.

However, I don’t consider myself a very fashion-y sort of person. The only times I go shopping are with my dear friend C, which is more to spend time with her than because I’m really dying to go shopping, or when I absolutely need something. I’m not particularly trendy either, and am not one of those people who keeps catalogs of outfits. My main problem is time, and honestly, I am much more interested in the process of creating clothes than I am in being known for how I dress.

I tend to think of my clothes as a blank canvas to show off my knitwear. The two most important things to me are fit and practicality. Of course I like to look good, but I also need to be comfortable because I’m constantly working, and during the school year, running around for the kids. I thought I’d share are the building blocks I use, which of course, are there just to show off the stuff I’m truly proud of…aka, my handmade pieces! :)


I have a drawer filled with basic crew- or V-neck long-sleeved tshirts. I buy them cheap at Target, but I would advise trying them on at different stores to figure out which store makes a cut that you find flattering on yourself, and then buying them in multiple colors. I color-coordinate them with scarves, cowls, and shawls, or I wear a neutral color underneath my alpaca poncho in the winter.



I don’t think you can ever have too many tank tops or short-sleeve tshirts. You can layer them under cardigans or wear them alone with jeans or shorts and of course, whatever handmade accessories you feel like showing off. I also wear tank tops under looser knit sweaters, as I feel a tank top gives a cleaner look than something with sleeves. Black, white and gray are the musts – other than that, it’s open season on your favorite colors! I buy my favorites at Victoria’s Secret, but again, look around and find the ones you feel best flatter you.


Shoes. Oh, where to start?! Aside from my knitwear, there is nothing else I love more. In the summer, I live in sandals and flipflops because they are so versatile. Unless you’re going black tie, you can wear a nice dress and scarf, and sandals, and still look dressy enough to go out for an evening, but still wear them all day and be comfortable. For the cooler weather, you can’t beat comfortable boots. I wear the high ones over leggings, or with skirts, and the shorter ones with everything else. One caveat about boots – I advise trying them on before buying. I buy alot of things online just to save time, but my favorite, and longest-lasting, pairs of boots are the ones I took the time to try on and buy in-store. Unfortunately, boots are not something you can “cheat” – if they don’t fit perfectly, you’ll never wear them.

And last, but definitely not least, jeans and leggings! Aside from the hot months, when I’m forced to swap my jeans for shorts and dresses, I rarely wear anything else. I buy good-quality black leggings at WhiteHouseBlackMarket, and I buy my jeans wherever I can find a pair that I feel truly flatters me. Jeans are the other item I advise trying on. There are so many different cuts, and the only thing that really matters is how you feel and look when you put them on. I don’t pay attention to the size, as I am happy to wear a larger size than normal if I feel a pair flatters me. I also don’t care about brand. I do care about price, so I am not a proponent of the $250 dollar pair of jeans, but other than that, it’s all about fit and color. I like a good dark wash, but switch it up with white and colored pairs. The basics are your favorite blue wash, black, and white, but from there, it’s all about personal preference.

If you have favorite ways of showing off your crochet and knit pieces, please share! I’m always open to trying something new!


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