Color Palettes and Other Designer Resources

I posted a really cool site my husband found awhile ago when we were working on a project which deserves another mention.

However, the other day, when I was browsing around, I found another site with a similar concept. I still love Design Seeds’ way of doing color palettes, but if you would like to learn more about other aspects of good design and even work through design exercises, this site will give you more material. Enjoy!

Daniel Gordon Studio

I came across this artist’s work in a magazine article and was motivated to look him up. He seems like a younger version of Kaffe Fassett except from a different medium and subject matter. But the way he overloads your eye with rich color and lots of pattern and texture reminds me of a Kaffe piece.

Enjoy browsing his site, and if you’re feeling so inclined, you can even download a PDF and follow the instructions to make the artist’s book.

Veteran’s Day Week 2015 in Photos

Colinton Australia made a mohair believer out of me!

Colinton Australia made a mohair believer out of me!

I am working on an exciting new project with Colinton Australia. I made a shawl with her yarn a few years ago and am still loving the yarn as much now as I did the first time around. I am not generally a fan of working with mohair, but Colinton’s yarn is totally different from any other mohair I’ve ever worked with. It still has the loft you expect, but it is more substantial than a typical mohair strand and you don’t feel like there are fibers floating in your face when you work with it. She also dyes a huge, gorgeous selection of colors, and when we used to have a wall of it in the shop, I spent every quiet minute putting together possibilities in my head. I can’t wait to show you all more of the project we are collaborating on!

From a new favorite spot in La Crescenta

From a new favorite spot in La Crescenta

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, I’ve had many changes in my life this last year. Due to my daughter being involved with a new activity this year, I now have a few hours to explore the La Crescenta area of LA. As you can see, I already found the most important thing, which is a new favorite coffee shop. I love exploring new parts of the city anyway, but La Crescenta is already becoming a favorite of mine. It is only a 20 minute drive barring any crazy traffic, but I feel like I’m in a mountain town and it’s a nice change of pace. The other night, I enjoyed a nice mocha while I was working on the above-mentioned new project.

Berry blossom cake to go with my mocha

Berry blossom cake to go with my mocha

I had never heard of berry blossom cake, but now that I tried a generous slice, I would love to learn how to make it when I’m baking during the holidays. It has whole berries and is very light but still satisfies my sweet tooth. It’s beautiful to just look at, although as you can see, I did way more than just look. :)

Bath and Body Works' nod to fiber lovers

Bath and Body Works’ nod to fiber lovers

I’ve been noticing little nods to the fiber industry everywhere. In case you wonder, yes, I bought a bottle of Cashmere Mist from Donna Karan a long time ago, and love it whenever I wear it. Thus started my love of scents with fiber names. But then the other day, I noticed Bath and Body Works now makes an equally lovely scent called Cashmere Glow which I plan to put on my Christmas list. And yes, I’m attracted to the name, but I did try it, and it is heavenly and just my kind of scent. And much cheaper than Donna Karan’s luxury.

My Boo all curled up on me. Yes, I was knitting at the time.

My Boo all curled up on me. Yes, I was knitting at the time.

I had more than my fill of being at home stuck on the couch when I broke my ankle. But the weather has cooled off considerably, and I have to admit that a Sunday afternoon of knitting at home with a purring cat on my lap was most satisfying indeed.

A Crocheted Birthday Gift

Birthday present for C

Birthday present for C

There is a joke among crafters about only making things for deserving recipients. Anyone who would not appreciate the handmade value, who would refuse to wear the item, or be stupid enough to felt it in the washing machine does not qualify as a worthy recipient. Then there are the people in your life who are so close to your heart and so worthy you would make them a hundred items by hand even if they did accidentally felt one of them.

Whole lotta crocheted merino

Whole lotta crocheted merino

My friend C is someone who falls into that category, so I decided several months ago to make her something special for her birthday which falls this week. Her favorite color is gray, so choosing the yarn was easy. I decided to make her this wrap, which appeared in Interweave Crochet several years ago and has stuck in my head ever since I saw it. It was lots of work, to say the least, as the Sundara yarn I chose was not the weight used in the pattern. I pretty much had to follow the stitch patterns but make my own pattern based on fittings with my friend and calculations from my gauge.

I ended up doing alot of ripping out when things didn’t quite go to plan, and I had to ask her to try it on so I could see what adjustments needed to be made. But there is another proof that she is a most deserving recipient, as she didn’t mind having her birthday surprise be a little less of a surprise, and good-naturedly tried it on as many times as I needed her to.

The view from the back

The view from the back

I think the final result was well worth the effort, and I know she will keep it and wear it for years to come.

Halloween Weekend 2015

Picachu and Ninja warrior

Pikachu and Ninja warrior

I love it when Halloween falls on a weekend evening. We had a weekend packed with Halloween activities, which means the kids got their fill of wearing their costumes. Los Angeles is a gorgeous place to live during October. Growing up, I remember having to accomodate for ways to stay warm while out trick-or-treating, but here the evening was just the right temperature to enjoy walking around outside.

Pikachu getting ready to trunk or treat

Pikachu getting ready to trunk or treat

Friday night was Trunk or Treat at the school. I love this event because the kids have lots of fun helping decorate the car trunk, and they can run around the school parking lot with all their friends collecting candy and I don’t have to worry about checking everything after.

Obi Wan and Ninja Warrior dueling it out

Obi Wan and Ninja Warrior dueling it out

Of course, we still went out Halloween night to trick or treat. The city of Burbank does a contest for the best decorated house, and some friends of friends were nominated and so we went to that neighborhood to trick or treat. My son’s best friend was Obi Wan, and my son was a ninja warrior. The two of them were more interested in playing with their respective costume toys than in candy, but that means more chocolate for me. :)

Please share your Halloween fun with me! Hope everyone had as much fun as I did this weekend!


Halloween Costumes

Surprisingly, despite my DIY nature, I have a hard time every year coming up with costumes for the kids. And by the time I do that, I’ve lost interest in it altogether and don’t bother dressing up myself. Here are some links to the cool stuff I found while brainstorming with the kids. Have fun browsing around, and when you get to the Pinterest page, scroll down or do a search for the evil purple Minion costume for a good laugh.

Cheap, yet effective DIY ideas

From the queen of DIY

Can’t leave out Pinterest

Funny but Proceed With Caution

Not fast and easy, and I don’t like all of these, but some are just simply awesome. LOVE the Roy Lichtenstein painting idea!


The completed amigurumis...but this group could grow...

Completed amigurumis…but this group could grow…

Considering I have a long-time fascination with all things Asian, particularly Japanese art, it’s high time I extended this to Asian crafts. The tradition of crocheting amigurumi animals originates in Japan, but has become popular everywhere.

The octopus won't make it to my son's class because my husband requisitioned it for his desk at work.

The octopus won’t make it to my son’s class because my husband requisitioned it for his desk at work.

My son has VIP Day coming up at school next month, and wanted me to be his VIP and to make something for his class. I’ve been wanting to make some amigurumis for a long time but other things always took precedence. This was my perfect opportunity to take a break from everything else and browse the library for pattern books, and browse my yarn stash.

For the teacher...who takes the class on a field trip to Seaworld each year.

For the teacher…who takes the class on a field trip to Seaworld each year.

Amigurumis are so fun and fast to make and so cute, I just could’t stop and pretty much spent last weekend making one right after the other. (They are also awesome stash busters because you can use whatever colors strike your fancy and they don’t take much yardage.)


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